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Brilliant Stars School (BSS) is a private non-profit K-12 educational institution located in Udaipur - a rural town in the north-eastern state of Tripura, India. The school is currently managed by the Khemani & Sorabjee Charitable Trust - an 80G registered NGO in Mumbai, India.
Brilliant Stars School started its first term in February 2008. 

Mission and Vision

The mission of Brilliant Stars School is to empower the children and youth of Tripura to become agents of positive socio-economic and moral transformation in their communities.
The school is realizing this mission by engaging students in learning experiences that help them develop the knowledge, understanding, critical thinking skills and attitudes necessary for their intellectual and moral development, while also inculcating in them a strong sense of responsibility towards the social welfare of society.

In the future, the school site in Udaipur will also host a teacher-training center, making it a hub for knowledge-sharing and professional development in education for the entire north-eastern part of India. Additionally, the institution will support the establishment of community schools in this region to assist in providing greater access - while ensuring excellent quality - in schooling to its rural population. Replicating the BSEMS model in multiple locations around India is also a part of this project’s ambitious vision.

Why Tripura?

In the 1980s, an armed indigenous separatist movement between the local tribes and Bengali immigrants devastated the social and economic condition of the State. Though, efforts by the State government have been focused around education as a driver of social welfare and economic growth, the education system here is based on archaic teacher-centered approaches that may not be fitted to the aim of bringing about progressive social reconstruction that is so desperately needed here (which is precisely the goal of Brilliant Stars School's educational model).

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