Arts Program


At Brilliant Stars School, we consider the arts to be a crucial, indispensable component of every child's education. We do not treat the study of this subject as merely supplementary to our academic programs, instead equal amounts of time and emphasis is laid on acquiring skills which will enable students to better use the arts as a medium of creative expression.


In grades Nursery to Grade II Our main objective is to introduce students to a variety of arts with the hope of cultivating an interest and appreciation, of the same, in their hearts. The program is divided into the study of musical instruments (tabla), classical dance, classical singing, and drawing and coloring. Every student will be required to take classes in each of these art forms. After Grade II, students choose any two of the arts subjects that they wish to focus on and study further.


The Primary department schedules a 80 minutes class daily dedicated to this program. Also, apart from formal instruction, students are given free time and encouraged to explore and express themselves in these arts on their own as well.

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